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50th Anniversary of Bank BPD Bali, was held Sports Exhibition
21 Mei 2012

Denpasar -

In a series of 50th Anniversary of Bank BPD Bali held a variety of sports competitions involving large families BPD Bank Bali. Activities which was officially opened by Director of Bank BPD Bali, I Wayan Sudja, SE, MM accompanied by Director of Credit Drs. I Nyoman Sudarya, MM and Director of Compliance I Made Gede Sudarma Santosa, SE, MM Friday (18/5) yesterday equalize some ball sports such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton and futsal. Also present at the occasion, Commissioner of Bank BPD Bali I Made Sudja B.Sc, S.Sos.

Director of Bank BPD Bali, I Wayan Sudja, SE, MM explained the event was held to build silahturahmi or intimacy in the family environment of BPD Bank Bali. Of these activities are expected to appear prospective athletes who will represent the BPD Bank Bali in a variety of events take place. "We hope this activity will be able to pump up the spirit of all employees to do better," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee for 50th Anniversary of Bank BPD Bali, I Wayan Martana explain all branches carry their respective teams, and follow all the branches that competed. To be more spirit, each team has won the race provided the charter and cash prizes.

Meanwhile, in a match ball volleyball, futsal and table tennis that took place yesterday lasted cried. Each team trying to win the game. Volleyball ball game even for mothers who follow dharma female BPD Bank Bali that took place in the field Renon happen very tough match (Bisnis Bali

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