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Regent Artha, Positively Appreciates CSR BPD Bali Program
06 Januari 2012

Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha, deeply appreciates and thanks BPD Bali. The care of RDB that is so high towards education, social, environment and religion issues has helped and ease the burden of Regional Government including Jembrana people. “CSR program that was designed and implemented continuously by the management of BPD Bali is very useful,” says Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha to Manggala in regards to CSR donation that has been handed over by BPD Bali.

Regent Artha stated that on of the concern by BPD Bali with perceived benefits in the field of cleanliness is Clean Friday Movement which is real activity of Jembrana Regional Government as the implementation of clean environment which is shared responsibility. The movement that has been done aims to provide a model to society so it cares more for environment cleanliness. Not only that, the launching of Clean Friday by Jembrana Regional Government at Bung Karno Art Building recently, also received support from BPD Bali Negara Branch. Besides that BPD Bali also cares and helps underprivileged Jembrana people. “I express my gratitude, hopefully CSR program can continue to be improved in the coming years,” states Putu Artha.  

Obedience Director of BPD Bali Made Gede Sudharma Santosa, when handing over CSR aid stated that his side realizes that BPD Bali can grow and develop because Bali society as such what has and will be done has to return to society. Likewise in the field of cleanliness, BPD Bali is very concern as it has been done to Clean Friday movement proclaimed by Jembrana Regional Government. Santosa hopes that clean Friday behaviour is not only done on Fridays but should be implemented every day. “We from RDB that is now almost half century old will continue to mature in an effort carry public confidence in Bali which continues to provide positive support. This bank belongs to Bali public as such we return it to the public,” he explains.

Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha positively welcomes what is done by BPD Bali with handing over CSR not only to Jembrana community but also other communities in Bali. The profits of BPD Bali are given to Jembrana public that is in need such as harelip, house upgrade and building worship places. “Me as an individual and also as regional leader convey our gratitude for the care of RDB because it has put aside its profits to help underprivileged people,” says Putu Artha.

Chairman of the committee I Gede Gunadya, S.H. stated that CSR fund that has been given to the underprivileged people in Jembrana totals Rp 215 millions. From that amount is among other donation for the building of a wall Nisata Mandala Dang Khayangan Indra Kusuma temple amounting Rp 50 millions, the building of Ulun Pecangakan amounting Rp 15 millions, donation for building of wantilan Dang Khayangan Jati temple amounting Rp 10 millions, donation for harelip medical treatment of Kadek Adi Setiawan from Yeh Embang village and Ni Gusti Kade Erna Pratiwi from Baler Bale Agung each amounting Rp 4 millons.

Other donation was in the form of Food Packages fro 102 poor families each amounting Rp 100 thousand totalling Rp 10,2 millions. Donation to Priya Hita Baler Bale Agung Negara orphanage amounting Rp 5 millions, donation of five units of house upgrades each Rp 15 millions totalling Rp 75 millions.

The recipients of house upgrades are Ni Made Suparmi, I Made Merta (Pangyangan), I Made Jiwa (Gumbrih Village), I Koman Sedana (Melaya) and I Ketut Sudara (Kaliakah Village). Interestingly BPD Bali also provided aid of work uniforms to 100 janitors of Jembrana Regional Government. The hand over was done by Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha accompanied by Obedience Director BPD Bali Made Gede Sudharma Santosa, Jembrana Region Secretary I Gede Gunadya, S.H. and all ranks BPD Bali Negara Branch. (pab)

Through CSR program BPD Bali is supporting cleanliness program in Jembrana Regency. (Manggala)

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