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Enjoy the Ease and Excellence Services

Siva (foreign currency saving) in USD Dollar have become your need, make sure your  money provide benefits and convenience in transaction. Siva (foreign savings) Bank BPD Bali is a reliable choice to meet YOUR needs.

Easy .....
Opening an account can be made at all offices of Bank BPD Bali.
Only the initial deposit of USD.100, 00 YOU already have a savings account Siva (foreign currency deposits) Bank BPD Bali.
Siva savings deposit can be done on all foreign exchange banks in the State or Foreign Affairs.

Excellent .........
Higher interest rates.
Service cost is cheaper.
Deposit $ 100 denomination banknotes with good physical condition, free of commissions and foreign exchange buying and selling.
Withdrawal of banknotes until USD.40.000 per month free of charge commission and buying and selling rates
Exchange rates are competitive.

The withdrawal of funds in cash / non cash can be made operational at any time.
The payment can be made by cash / non cash in Rupiah currency, U.S. Dollars or different currencies.
Withdrawals can be made with a choice of currency is Rupiah or U.S. Dollars while supplies are available.

Fill out application form completely.
minimum initial deposit, USD.100 00
ID card:
Indonesian Citizen: ID card / driving license / passport copy and original must be shown.
Foreign Citizen: passport and Temporary Resident Permit (Permit Card Stay Temporary / Temporary Residence Permit Card) and a copy of the original show.

Monthly administration fee.

More information:
Regarding our products, please contact the nearest office of Bank BPD Bali or contact our customer service.

Interest rates and fees may change at any time.

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