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Feature and ATM Balidwipa Service Menu

Standard Features
Cash Advance; Nominal Rp.100.000, 00 Rp.200.000, 00 Rp.300.000, 00 400,000, 00 Rp.500.000, 00 or Rp.600.000, 00 Other Transactions and Cancel.

Other Transactions: Information Balance, Cash Advance suit YOU, Local or Inter-Bank Transfer, Payments, Purchavees, Change PIN and Registration Balidwipa M-ATM Bersama.

Payment Point;
Bill Payment; Air (PDAM), electricity (PLN), Halo-Telkomsel Card, Phone-Telkom, Indosat, Matrix.
Purchavee Refill Pulsa; Sympathy, As (Telkomsel) and Mentari, IM3 (Indosat).

Important Tips for ATM users
Receive When Using ATM Cards Balidwipa, immediately signed a receipt on the signature column.
Immediately do the initial PIN replacement.
Remember YOUR PIN use.
Get used to change your PIN periodically, and / or as needed.
Avoid making a PIN that is easy to guess such a sequence number, date of birth, or telephone number.
Avoid writing your PIN on the books, wallet, purse or other media that is easy to read others.
Do not tell your PIN to anyone else or anyone, whether oral or written.
Do not notify the card number to anyone other than the officer in charge of Bank BPD Bali.
Make sure the card is always in a safe place.
Keeping the cards do not get bent or scratched.
Immediately call the card center Bank BPD Bali, if the card is lost, stolen and or all at once ask for the card is blocked.

In making payment of bills PDAM, PLN, Indosat, Telkomsel and Telkom, should do more early payment, given at the time before the maturity date of payment, usually there will be a very high loading on the system of PDAM, PLN, Indosat, Telkomsel and Telkom, so the level of success transaction can be declined.

Caution when Transaction
Cancel the transaction and immediately report to the bank, if it finds any suspicious signs on the ATM, such as equipment, foreign objects, or cable that is not fair.
Immediately move to another ATM if the ATM location is not convenient, dark or hidden.
At the time of the queue at the ATM make sure others can not see the PIN and card number.
To avoid the occurrence of any payment, then before making a final confirmation for the payment transaction is done, check back carefully at the data screen taps customer ID number, customer ID PLN and Telephone Number, Card Matrix Halo or who have previously been registered.
Check before leaving the ATM transaction receipt. Keep the evidence on will be very useful.
Immediately take the money and cards, because if too long then the money or the card will go back into the machine.
Avoid counting money in places that are open.
If the machine swallowed the card, immediately contact the card center Bank BPD Bali and asked for cards to be blocked.

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