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PT. Bank BPD Bali believes that the application of the principles of corporate governance (Good Corporate Governance) is a very important factor in achieving better corporate performance. PT. Bank BPD Bali is committed to conducting all activities of the company based on the principle of prudence and adherence to regulations and to implement sound banking operations.

This is reflected in business activities conducted by PT. Bank BPD Bali gradually and continually make efforts to improve both policy and implementation of corporate governance and seeks to ensure that good corporate governance based on the five key principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, fairness independency and have performed well and continues to serve as guidelines for every employee and experienced improvements in implementation.

Implementation of Good Corporate Governance which have been conducted by PT. Bank BPD Bali until the year 2009 include:
• It have established an Audit Committee, the Risk Monitoring Committee, and Remuneration and
Nomination Committee is responsible directly to the Board of Commissioners.
• Conduct regular evaluation of the implementation of risk management in order to improve methods of risk measurement and risk management systems in order to mitigate risk.
• Evaluate and improve various internal regulations in order to support the implementation of the operational governance. Bank BPD Bali a better and healthier.

Implementation of Corporate Governance (Good Corporate Governance) in PT Bank BPD Bali is always based on five basic principles set out in the PBI 8/4/PBI/2006 as amended by Regulation 8 / 14 / PBI/2006 and Circular Letter of Bank Indonesia. 9/12/DPNP on the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance for Banks, the five basic principles are as follows:
1. Openness (transparency) and relevant in the decision making process.
2. Accountability , namely clarity of function and responsibility of the Bank 's execution of effective management.
3. Accountability (responsibility) that compliance with the management of Bank Laws and applicable Law  and Principles of Management of a healthy bank.
4. Independency , namely the management of the Bank in a professional manner without undue influence / or pressure and conflicts of interest.
5. Fairness , namely justice and equity in stakeholder fulfill the rights arising under the agreement and applicable regulations and legislation.

In order to implement the five basic principles mentioned above, in general, the Bank must be guided by various regulations and legislation in force relating to the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, where each Bank is required to implement the principles of good corporate governance in all its business activities at all levels or level of organization. In this case the meaning of every level of organization is the entire board, and employees from the Board to executive level employees. Banks are required to submit reports of Good Corporate Governance. The existence of the report, it is necessary to enhance, check and balance the stakeholders of the Bank and competition through market mechanisms. In an effort to improve and enhance the quality of the implementation of Good Corporate Governance of Banks are required to periodically conduct a comprehensive self assessment of the adequacy of Good Corporate Governance so that if there are shortcomings in implementation, the bank may soon establish a plan of action (action plan) that includes the necessary corrective action.

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