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Credit facilities granted to Farmer / Rancher, farmer groups / Groups and Livestock Cooperative in the form of loans and working capital / investment to support food security programs and development of raw materials, biofuels to meet energy needs.

Advantages :

  • Mild interest rate of 5% effective *
  • Not charge administration fees and provision
  • Maximum 36 months or according to business cycle
  • Return of principal according to the business cycle

Enterprises are financed :

  • Farmers, in order to develop rice, corn, soybeans, cassava, sweet potatoes, peanuts, green peas, lentils and / or seed (rice, corn and / or soy).
  • Farmers, in order to develop crop onions, peppers, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, ginger, turmeric, kencur, banana, salak, pineapple, dragon fruit, melon, watermelon, papaya, strawberries, maintenance mangosteen, mango, durian, oranges, apples and / or melinjo.
  • Farmers, in order to develop sugar cane, maintenance of tea, coffee arabica, robusta coffee and or pepper.
  • Breeders, in order to develop beef cattle farms, dairy cows, buffaloes, goats / sheep, chicken, domestic poultry, ducks, quail, rabbit or pork.
  • Farmer groups, farmer groups and cooperatives combined, in the framework of the procurement of grain, corn and soybeans.
  • Farmer groups, in the context of procurement / rejuvenation equipment and machinery to support the efforts of food crops, horticulture, sugar cane and livestock include include tractors, power threser, tracer (cutting tool), corn sheller, water pumps, dryers, vacuum fryer, chopper, hatching machine, milk coolers, biodigester, seeding machine (seedler), planting tools grains (seeder), harvesters (paddy mower, Reaper, combine harvester), rice milling machinery (rice w ith units), parer peanuts (peanut shell), cassava penyawut machine, juicer, seed processing machinery, food processing machines (mixers, penepung, pellets) and or kepras cane.

Requirements :

  • Farmer / rancher / planters have a self-identity.
  • Farmer / rancher / planters can be individually and / or become a member of Farmers Group.
  • Own working farm (the farmer owners of tenants) or the land of others (farmers).
  • If the land of others is necessary authorization letter / statement from the owner of the land known by the village chief.
  • Land area of ​​farmers / planters who financed the maximum 4 (four) hectare and not exceeding the credit limit of Rp. 100.000.000, - (one hundred million rupiah) per farmer / planter.
  • For the farmer / rancher / planters who filed the credit limit of more than Rp.50.000.000, - (fifty million rupiah) must have a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  • Farmer / rancher / planters participants aged at least 21 (twenty one) years or married.
  • Willing to follow instructions of technical or agricultural extension service and comply with the provisions as participants CTF-E.

Credit limit :

  • The amount of the credit ceiling per farmer / rancher / planters at most Rp.100.000.000, - (one hundred million rupiahs).
  • The amount of the credit ceiling for the cooperatives, farmer groups and / or a combination of farmer groups in the framework of the procurement of food (rice, corn, soybeans) at most Rp. 500,000,000 - (five hundred million rupiahs).
  • The amount of farmers' groups in order to limit the procurement / rejuvenation equipment and machinery, to support the development of food crops, horticulture, plantation and livestock at most Rp. 500,000,000 - (five hundred million rupiahs).
  • Palfond maximum magnitude of the needs of the indicative per acre or per unit.


  • Credit dicover collateral at least 100% of the value of loans, such as:
    • SHM / SHGB
    • Collateral Cash / Deposits

*) Interest rate may change at any time

Full details contact our nearest Branch Office.

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