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Work Culture PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali by LOVE (Competent , Integrity , Teamwork and Customer Awareness)

  • Competent ( Competency )

Have the knowledge , skills and abilities required to perform and complete the work in accordance with a predetermined quality .

Key behaviors :

  • Works by using the skills and think and act scientifically to achieve the vision and mission of the work unit
  • Work with advanced electronic technology and utilize relevant knowledge in the completion of tasks
  • Working in accordance with the procedures , accurate , thorough and professional duty to understand the risks


  • Integrity ( Integrity )

Consistent and always adhere to moral values ​​or other regulations , especially the value of honesty and anti- corruption and collusion

Key behaviors :

  • Applying the performance of duties in accordance with the provisions of appropriate work behavior order and not deal with the rules for personal gain
  • Be honest and do not give , receive, and no bribery opportunities or expect services related to office
  • Develop basic work ethic with religion and religious view work as well as having good morals


  • Teamwork ( Cooperation )

Sense of cohesiveness or unity in the organization and proximity to an individual fellow or the fellow mempu unit that supports the creation of cooperation and good communication .

Key behaviors :

  • Appreciate differences and help if requested help another unit and ego effacing sectoral / work unit to excessive
  • Appreciate the existence and authority of leaders proportionally , to develop the positive principles to others and appreciate what other people do .
  • Not exploit differences ( rank, position , sector ) and mutual respect as well as the spoken idiom of kinship


  • Customer Awareness ( Customer Orientation )

Making the user as a primary focus of our actions , carry and maintain productive relationships with customers

Key behaviors :

  • Sharing information with customers or build their understanding and ability to resolve issues
  • Actively seeking information to understand the situation , problems , expectations and requirements of customers to the appropriate authorities followed
  • Maintain good relations with customers , act quickly to meet the needs and solve the problem and avoid over-commitment .


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